Coach Dierikx Leaving? By Matt Gillaspie


There has been a lot of talk here at Davenport North High School about the head coach, Guy Dierikx. Is he really leaving?

I had a chance to interview and talk with Coach D.

I had a chance to ask if he is for sure leaving North High!

Coach D has been here for a little over 3 years now working all year round. He has put in the work to try and build a successful program.

He implied that beating Central for the first time in several years was going to be one of the best things he’ll remember about North, knowing that game had playoff implications.

The school he will be employed at offered the head coaching and athletic directors position in the middle of January. He talked to his wife and kids about the move, and after all coach D decided to take the job offer. He said his family’s feelings towards the move was bittersweet, excited, but all at the same they were scared to start over again.

He said he is proud of how far their progress has come, with only 2 wins in 3 years, their record doesn’t show the heart and determination they put in day in and day out.

He also implied that he is extremely happy with the atmosphere here, he said the atmosphere is nowhere the same, he said people are actually getting a thrill of going to the games now, and they stick around the whole game.
The biggest thing he said he will miss, is not seeing the not seeing the returning players from this past year being leaders, he said it hurts not being able to know what they’ll be able to do next year, i mean he has been working with them since their freshman year so he grew to know what kind of player they are, and even to know what kind a man they have become over the past few years.


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