North High softball isn’t one of the known sports such as football and basketball. Yet we are a great team we have made leaps and bounds the past few years. For example we have beat teams that have ten runned us in past years. Last season we lost five starting players and they will be missed, but this year we will still be strong we have gained two new players that have transferred from west.

Emily Baysinger is a pitcher and she will come in handy considering we only have one pitcher before she transferred. Lauren Proahl is a catcher which again we only had one before she came to north. These two girls while being great in the fielding, and theirs bats will come into play greatly. They hit the ball well and with power. That is something we need in the North softball line-up. Unfortunately these girls will have to sit the 90 day transfer days so they will miss a few games. This may be disappointing but these two will help our team out way more in the long run.These two will make great additions to the team and will help us get through the season and maybe even help us rise to the top. I am a senior this year and state is in my sites. I can not wait to see what these two girls will bring to the North high school softball family.


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