NHS Road to Sub-State By Taylor Robbins

North High school has worked immensely hard, and as you can see hard work pays off. The girls work hard day in and day out coming together not only as a team but a family. Rob O’Brien head coach, has taught these girls what it really means to be a team. They work hard in school and on the court. We became MAC champs after beating Assumption 75-63. Janayah Huston, Coral Dillie, Mckenzie O’Brien, Paige Bradford, Jc Stowers and many more put up and amazing fight. That kind of teamwork is what helped us destroy Cedar Rapids Kennedy 85-56! Our student section is always their to support our Lady Wildcats, it keeps them pumped while on the court. After beating Bettendorf, we will now enter the Sub-State final Wednesday. The Wells Fargo arena was full of wildcats we took 3 charter busses full of students and teacher, the energy was just amazing. Lady Wildcats honored “Baby Doc” at the game by putting 22 on their shoes along with Braddock Shovlain.We suffered a tough loss to Ankeny 56-52 the girls walk away with their heads held high. They have accomplished so much on this journey our Wildcats have made history. It’s a great day to be a WILDCAT!


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