North Girls Basketball’s time is now! By Hunter Scriven

The 2015-2016 season was a very historic season for the North Girls basketball team. They went through adversity and tough times and they all stayed positive and happy. Most of all this team gave life to a school and community when they needed it most. The lineup for North included many stars like Jacionna Stowers, Jinaya Houston, Coral Dillie, and Paige Bradford. The team went 20-3 on the season. The 3 losses they had were very close games. The team is still young with only one senior leaving this year. The team broke many records this season. The most important thing the team did was become the first girls team in North’s history to make State! Through regionals and state the team went 2-1 to finish the season at 22-4. In the last two seasons the team has combined for 40+ wins. The team is full of talent. The talent starts at Jacionna Stowers who is the team’s PG. Jacionna is a passing superstar and is a very good shooter. The team’s SG Jinaya Houston, is the best girls basketball player to ever come to North High. Jinaya has many accomplishments such as the 2015-2016 MAC girls player of the year, one of the only girls to record 2000+ points as a Wildcat, and a scholarship to the University of Iowa to play Women’s basketball. The team also has PF Coral Dillie and C Paige Bradford. Jacionna and Jinaya both made MAC 1st team honors. Paige made MAC 2nd team honors. Coral Dillie made MAC honorable mention. The North Girl’s Basketball team is full of talent and have many opportunities. With the success last season and the success this season, the Wildcats future is bright!



(Jinaya Houston- junior)



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