Weather Inside North High School by Nathan Hedden

North High School is freezing! Even in the summer time, people are wearing sweatshirts. Some classrooms here at North High feel like meat lockers. North has one season all year round, winter! Some people even bring blankets AND sweatshirts to keep warm. Many people complain about the coldness, even teachers.Most classrooms do not have heat. The heat comes from the hallway, but most vents are by doors that go outside so every time the doors open it lets the heat out and more cold air in.

Bonnie Watts the OCI (In School Suspension) Director said “ I don’t care about the school being cold; I have a heater in my room so I’m warm no matter what”. Donald Miller a student here at North High added “Somebody needs to get up off their lazy butt and do something about it because more and more people are thinking about leaving, but we need as many Wildcats as we can.” North is a very cold place. Blankets, heavy sweatshirts, and heaters in rooms are proof this place is miserably cold.


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