Girls Track By Morgan Smith


Girls track has been at North from the start. We have had many great athletes such as Tamika Tucker and Alisha Jones. These girls are pushed to the limits to do their best; while in the season that means long hours of hard work. This takes extreme dedication not only to the sport but school also. Some girls while in this sport notice that the time they had to do their homework is limited. This also shows that grades drop since they don’t have as much time for their school work.

“I find it slightly more difficult now that track takes up most of my time but I still have to find time for my school work because that is where true athletes excel is with maintaining grades,” said freshman Hailey Kelley.

A true athlete can make time to keep their grades up. They push themselves whether it be in school or on the field. It may be hard but it can be done many have shown it and many more can accomplish it.


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