NFL News By Connor Carstens

Now that the football season is over it’s time to say goodbye to old players and even good bye to younger ones who have been traded. Around the NFL all the player are saying their goodbyes to some of the greatest to ever play the game.Calvin Johnson is retiring after 9 seasons. Peyton Manning is retiring after 18 seasons in the NFL. Charles Woodson is retiring after 17 seasons. Finally Matt Hasselbeck is retiring after 18 seasons. Away from retiring player were on to most of the big trades and releases of the 2016 off season. The Redskins released their 2012 1st round pick Robert Griffin. The Bears released their star running back Matt Forte. Mario Williams signed with the Miami Dolphins to add to their already amazing Defensive line. Bruce Irvin has left seattle and signed with the Oakland Raiders. Demarco Murray has left Philadelphia after one season and signed with the Tennessee Titans. There is probably going to be way more trades to go down.  


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