Johnny Manziel released from Cleveland Browns by Carter Evans

On March 11th the Browns have officially released Johnny Manziel. Johnny Manziel was 2014 first-round pick. Manziel has been playing in the NFL for only two years. Manziel will hit waivers meaning that anyone can sign him. On January 29th Johnny Manziel assaulted his girlfriend. Colleen Crowley suffered a ruptured eardrum on that day. Johnny Manziel stats aren’t good for the last two years only throwing 8 touchdowns and throwing 7 interceptions. Johnny Manziel had two rocky seasons with Browns. Johnny Manziel only completed 51.8% of his passes. In October of last year Johnny Manziel got pulled over for arguing with his girlfriend (Colleen Crowley). Johnny Manziel was to start the rest of the season, but that only lasted for nine days because a video has surfaced that showed Johnny Manziel was partying. He got demoted to third-string QB for lying about the party. One potential spot for Johnny Manziel is the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys wanted to originally draft Johnny Manziel. Where will Johnny Manziel end up? Will he shape up his attitude? We will have to see until the preseason games start.


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