NFL Free Agency By Hunter Scriven

This off season in the NFL has been very interesting! Many superstars have retired or have been signed by different teams. Among the superstars that have retired include Peyton Manning, Charles Woodson, Marshawn Lynch, Calvin Johnson, Justin Tuck, and Jared Allen. Those six players are all potential hall of famers. There have been many players that have been transition tagged or franchise tagged. If a player gets one of those tags then they are going to play on that same team again the next year. Players that have been tagged are Von Miller, Mo Wilkerson, Eric Berry, Josh Norman, and Alshon Jeffery. Those five players are some of the best players in the NFL. After the 2016-2017 season, those five players will sign multi-million dollar contracts. Many players have been signed by other teams or traded. Some of the big name players to be signed to new teams are Malik Jackson, Bruce Irvin, and Mario Williams. All three of those players are defensive stars and are going to upgrade their new teams. There have also been a few trades. One of the most major trades was Kiko Alonso and Byron Maxwell to the Miami Dolphins for a few draft picks. The most upgraded team of this year’s offseason is the Miami Dolphins. They have added many defensive superstars including Mario Williams. Kiko Alonso, and Byron Maxwell. This year’s offseason just started and many superstars have seen new homes.


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