The Way You Think by Jinaya Houston


The way you think can be a good thing and a bad thing.. It’s okay to be hard on yourself sometimes but you can’t let it consume you. Athletes have a lot on their plates from: deciding what college they want to go to, keeping up with grades and having a social life.. It can be hard to find a good balance but asking for help is a good thing. You should talk to people that you trust about how you are feeling and what could help ease some of the stress. Asking for help isn’t a bad thing and it can be hard at first but once you do it, you start to feel better. Wanting to get better is a good thing but I think that some kids can’t handle a break from their sport and that can wear you out mentally and physically.. I think a break is good and it gives you time to recover, but don’t get me wrong… If you are having a rough day and want to let your mind free, go to the gym and shoot, play softball, go for a run.. It would be good for you to let your mind free for a little bit. Don’t try to figure everything out on your own, ask for help and count your gratefuls.. Because you should never take the sport you play or anything for granted…



  1. Your an inspiration for me. watching you succeed throughout school and watching you play ball. Watching you play makes me want to keep working harder for what I want. great article!


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