“I am a writer, I am a dreamer” By Madison Danielson

Many people do not know that i am a writer, most people know me for doing the plays and tennis. But, that is not all i am capable of doing. I am much more the just a tennis player and drama member. I resentlay went to church on Sunday and my Pastor said that:

“ I am a dreamer and we all are dreamers. Maybe someday you will see it. You are special to me and to God. He cares about you and what you do with your life.”

After the service i thought about what he said, it did not make sence at first but after thinking about it, it made me think: I should follow this dream because I am a dreamer. The  hard part about being a future author is finding out that you might not make it and people might not listen to what you are saying. Does not help that no one really knows about your story because you are to scared to share it.

I have been writing since 6th grade, at first i was not very good at it and people expected that it be perfect. It was not and i thought about giving up on it and around 8th grade and some of 7th i did. But my dad read his story to me one day and told me how he thought about giving up on it and my older sister :Stephenie Cramm ( a graduated from West high school) helped my dad finally finished it. He was in high school when he started writing it. It is finished now and he is finding a way to publish it. My dream is to help him publish it because it is that good. Story of murder, death, friendship, love, family, comedy, some of the best things all in one. At first it was going to be two books, but after, he decided to do a two parter since it was too short for two books.

Thanks to my friends: Bri Woods and  Amber Cain for helping me create this book and keep me going on it. I could not have done it without them and my father. Everyone out there has a dream, the end to this story is a quote from Amber:

“ Don’t chase boys, chase your dreams and goals.”  


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