The lost of two different kinds of star: David Bowie and Alan Rickman By Madison Danielson

David Bowie was a musical icon, loved by all fans either for his work in music or in movies. Alan Rickman was around the same way but, instead of music it was director and actor.

Alan Rickman is an English actor with a deep, darken voice. He is known for Severus Snape from Harry Potter or Hans Gruber in Die Hard 1. I remember the first time i saw Alan Rickman for the first time on screen I was only seven years old and sitting on the couch with my mother and father. My dad was telling me all about how Snape is the “bad guy” and out to kill Harry. Of course, i did not believe in that, I judge people by their character and not by the way they act. At first, I admit I was unsure of him and terrified by of how good he was as a villain, but then after doing some research and finding background about him I decided to watch some of his other movie like Die Hard, which happened to be his first ever movie. A star was born then, after watching Sense and Sensibility and Mesmer (A movie where he was the man star)  i saw a kindness to him like never seen before.  In Sweeney Todd, alongside famous actor Johnny Depp, Alan played the main villain: Judge Turpin. His character was the one that fans of him would “love to hate” and you were kinda happy and sad when he died at the end. (But this time with a little singing as well) Snow Cake was a kinda strange movie for me, at first i was not so sure on watching it and to be honest i did not finish it because it was not meant for teenagers to understand it. So i switch to the cartoon movies he was in, well voiced over. Help I’mma Fish was the first one, Alan does the voice of an evil fish name Joe, who plans on taking over the entire fish world with a potion that can turn fish into humans and humans into fish. Alice in Wonderland is another one that i loved and many kids love as well. Doing the voice of the blue caterpillar.

David Bowie i had heard little about, until watching Labyrinth with my friend when i was 10 years old. I fell in love with the way it was made and how the music moved you through the story. It was like you were there with Sarah: the man girl, helping her find her way through it in search of her baby brother Tobie. Bowie played the main villain and ruler of the Goblin city: Jareth; the Goblin King which you find out falls in love with Sarah and asks her to stay with him.

Cancer can kill, we all know this is true,it has been around since the beginning of time. Family members have died from it, young children in hospitals dying everyday. But, on January 10 2016, David Bowie: a brilliant and talented musician and actor,  dies from cancer at the age of 69. Not to mention 2 days after his 69 birthday on January 8. Only four days later at the age of 69 as well, British actor and director Alan Rickman dies of cancer. My heart had died twice in one week, my favorite actor (Alan Rickman) and one of my favorite villains (David Bowie) was gone forever.

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