Open Campus Lunch by Jinaya Houston

Open campus lunch is a big topic going around the school because students want to be able to eat something that they want to eat instead of choosing from the same small variety of food we get here at North. Teachers say that if we had open campus, probably no one would come back after they went to eat and that’s a big issue. Students came up with the idea that if you are an upperclassman and have a certain g.p.a, probably 3.0 or higher, you would get permission to have open campus lunch. Some kids choose to make their own open campus lunch and leave during their lunch break to go eat with friends and when they get caught there are big consequences that they have because we don’t have open campus. We want open campus so bad that students have broken rules to get food because they don’t want to eat the same thing everyday. Getting suspended is the first thing that happens when you get caught leaving the building, or you get a day of being in diversion. I think that allowing open campus lunch would lower the suspension and diversion percentage, maybe not a lot but a little bit, and that is a step of improvement in a school. Look how much fun they are having in that picture.. They probably have open campus lunch…Friends eating lunch istock




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