Concussions in the NFL by Makayla Smith


Concussions have been a major problem for a very long time. Researchers lately have been looking more in debt into chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), this disease in a way resembles alzheimer’s. CTE can lead to memory loss, anger issues, depression, or even confusion. They are saying that CTE is coming from repeated blows to the head or concussions. 91 former NFL players had donated their brains to research after death and 87 out of the 91 had CTE. Out of 165 former football players, 131 had CTE found in their brain tissue. Concussions decreased from 2012 to 2013, but then they made a rapid increase. The number of NFL players tested during the 2015 season for concussions almost doubled from last season. This year alone there were 182 concussions recorded.

The concussion protocol in the NFL has been enforced even more, and players are more aware of what has been happening. The protocol includes these rules: rest and recovery, light aerobic exercise, introduction to strength training, football-specific work, and full clearance/ full football activity. Players like Sidney Rice and Chris Borland invested in early retirement because of their concerns of their brains health. Team doctors have also become more aware of identifying head injuries on a player. Now that the entire NFL community is aware of brain injuries and concussions, players report themselves, or even coaches report the players. Players now have to be even more cautious because they know the possible outcomes of a concussion.



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