Favoritism in Sports By Hailey Kelley

download (4)Some coaches show favoritism and they don’t notice they do. Coaches should treat everyone the same whether they like the athlete or not. In sports is when favoritism is shown the most. The coaches usually have their favorite players play the most even if they aren’t the best. Some sports are mostly based on politics now, like if the coach has known you and your family for a long time or if your parents are always talking to the coach saying you need to play more, then the coach will start to play you more even if you are not one of the best players on the team. It’s almost like the coaches have you play the most if you’re not one of the best players to keep your parents happy and not play to win. Coaches should play the players who are not the best on the team still but the best players should also play a little more than others.  


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