Study Hall By: Morgan Pollmiller

There are a lot of students who struggle in many of their classes, and many of those students do not have any time to go to study tables because of sports and many other responsibilities. I think we should have a study hall during the day, and who ever needs to go they should have to check in with their teacher of the class they’re struggling with in order to go. They could go during lunch, open block, or even go to the study hall during the class that they’re having a hard time in. It’s not fair to punish students just because they can’t make it to study tables. This would be a great way to help improve the student’s grade in a certain class or just to get extra help. This way it would also be easier on teachers because they can give them a packet on the stuff they are struggling on so they can learn how to do it. Most teachers just jump right into another topic while on the other hand for some students it takes a longer time to learn how to do something. This should definitely be something for teachers and staff to recommend because it would be a great way to help students who are struggling. This study hall could range from 45 mins to 1 hour. In that amount of time students can get stuff done while raising their grade up to where they want it to be.  


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