Villanova Men’s basketball Hunter Scriven

images (2)Villanova men’s basketball is a very historic organization. They are Division 1 basketball team and are in the Big East conference. The head coach is Jay Wright and the first season the team ever played was in 1920. The school’s home court is in Villanova, Pennsylvania. The Wildcats have been very successful in the NCAA tournament and they had a tournament berth this year. The Wildcats were a 2 seed in the tournament. They beat teams like Iowa, Oklahoma, Miami, and North Carolina. Villanova’s team had many seniors and one of the best seniors in the country. Ryan Arcidiancono was the most outstanding player of 2016. He led the tournament in steals and assists. Ryan had a very successful career at Villanova and he is projected to get drafted into the NBA this year. On Monday Villanova played North Carolina in the national championship. It was a very close game and it was also one of the best National Championships in history. Villanova won the game on a buzzzer beating shot by Kris Jenkins. Jenkins was very quiet the whole game but when needed most, the senior showed up and got the job done. The Wildcats won their first championship since 1985, and both of their NCAA championships came on buzzer beating shots. Next year the team will be very good with the returning talent and all of the new recruits. The Villanova Wildcats are a very ferocious team and they are a serious contender in the future. 


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