Writing papers By Morgan Smith

downloadBeing a in a writing class can be hard; you have to write papers every week, but you end up running out of cool ideas on what to write about. In news paper we are constantly writing these articles that the whole school can read. The problems with this is finding a topic that is interesting to all the students; keeping the story short; keeping the stories fun, and keeping them school appropriate.  We have to keep it interesting to everyone and  honestly that is one of the hardest parts. The only thing everyone in a school can relate to is sports and the problem with that is we have 10 out of 15 people in the class writing about the sports games. Keeping a story to the proper length is not extremely hard all you have to do it keep it shorter then a page long and also have pictures to keep the readers engaged. The stories MUST be entertaining they need to be fun for everyone that reads them. Teachers don’t want to go to our newspaper site and see all the articles about what is going on in the teenage mind either. They want to find school appropriate and even educational articles and honestly that is really hard for someone to do, because trying to find an educational topic that is fun for teachers and students well those are extremely hard to come by.  


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