The Newsboys concert By Matt Gillaspie

Tomorrow April 21st, i will be attending a sold out newsboys concert,It’ll take place at 7pm at the adler theatre downtown davenport. The newsboys are a christian band who praise the lord. This band is on their “Gods Not Dead” tour. They have played in the movie “Gods Not Dead” . The movie was a hit, hitting theaters across the the country, me as a christian could not stop talking how courageous the movie entially was.


That movie brought hope not only to me but my entire family, it showed us that we should embrace the lord more often. But by me going to this concert and hearing the words “Gods Not Dead” i will show my love for the lord in ways i have never showed.


But i will being going and enjoying this concert with my mom, these tickets were a birthday gift, my grandmother on the other hand then surprised me with meet and greet passes so i get to meet the band and ask them questions. I will talk to them for approximately 15 minutes then the other people with meet and greets will get there time with the band.


Besides the mississippi valley fair this will be my first official concert, i will try and get a t-shirt if possible and a couple of picture but i can’t promise anything.  


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