Newsboys Love Riot Concert By Matt Gillaspie

It all started with a simple movie called “God’s Not Dead”. That movie, in my opinion, had the power to change lives, not only did it prove God’s existence, but it shows us, as humans, our place in this world, and we can make our life whatever we want to make to the best of our abilities. Ever since I watched that movie, my love for the Lord has only grown, not only because of what the movie what about, but what the movie was telling me; existence of God is nothing but real.

There are many people in this world who argue against the existence of God, however it is my personal decision whether the lord is dead or alive. I believe he is as real as you and I, you may not see him, only because he is living on the inside, roaring like a lion, God’s Not Dead,  He’s surely alive.

A few months ago I was scrolling through my facebook, when I noticed that the band from the movie (Newsboys) was performing in the Quad Cities. Around the time I found out, it was around the time of my birthday, so of course I asked for Newsboys tickets. After asking for the tickets, it was right around two weeks before my actual birthday, my mom kept telling me she would try and get me tickets, but from her, she said by the time she tried to get tickets, that they. I made myself forget because if the show was sold out, there was no way I was going to go. My birthday arrived and there was only thing wrapped, it had to be cash or gift cards. I suspected something was going on because everybody was acting incredibly suspicious. I slowly unwrapped the box. and i read the box, and it was jewelry gift box, i then opened the box and there was two thin pieces of black foam, I looked in between the foam and a sheet that read “ticketmaster”. Originally I thought they were Charlotte Hornets tickets, because I asked for Hornets tickets before, As I kept reading and it said “Newsboys”, “We Believe God’s Not Dead”. I never moved so fast because of excitement, I screamed loud and smiled big. I ran over to my parents and grandparents to thank them with so much joy.

The worst part about getting the tickets, was playing the waiting game, I had to wait almost two months for the concert, I was so eager and I could not take waiting anymore. I was so prepared,  it could’ve been two weeks before and I would make sure my phone was fully charged so I could take plenty of pictures and record their songs, it was sad how ready I was.

The waiting game had finally come to end, April 21st was the day. It was finally time to praise the Lord through the songs of the Newsboys. Even though the concert was on a school day my parents still made me go. I watched the clock endlessly, waiting for time to pass so I could get out and go to this concert. To top off my excitement, when my mom picked me up, she surprised me with Meet and Greet passes, which means i could meet and talk to the band, ask them any questions that i may have had,  Next, we went home to change and get something to eat, because there was no way we were spending six dollars for a popcorn and three dollars for a bottle of pop. My mom took us to steak and shake, we were there for about an hour just talking and predicting what songs the band would sing, and who the opening act going to be.

We left the restaurant, got gas, and headed to the Adler Theater, where the concert was being performed. We arrived roughly around 4:45, we had to be there before 5 o’clock for the meet and greet, so we pulled into a parking spot right around the corner and it was just a quick 3 to 5 minute walk from our parking spot to the Adler. When we got into the building, there were between 10-15 people waiting to go into the meet and greet. After a good 25-30 minutes for them to let us in. slowly one by one more people started to come into the lobby. After making it past security, It was time to meet the band and just ask them any questions we had. I was the first of many to get a seat closest to the stage, i wanted to make sure i had a good seat. People started flowing in, I did not expect there to be a big turnout at the meet and greet. The girl sitting on my left, ended up becoming a very good friend of mine, we hit it off, I believe a huge reason was because our love for Jesus Christ is so strong, and it lit a spark between us. Her name was Morgan. I of course asked for her snapchat, then her number and ever since the concert, we’ve kept in touch. During the questioning of the Newsboys, i asked them what was it like getting to work with Shane Harper (the main character) while filming the movie God’s Not Dead? They all answered basically with the same response. They said they really didn’t work with him because, when they were on set, Shane wasn’t, and when Shane was on set, the band wasn’t (Taite). There were multiple people asking questions, and time quickly ran out. We were then escorted out by security until the opening act was ready to perform. As eager as I was, the wait was killing me, I wanted to see the Newsboys perform so bad. It would only be a  matter of time before security finally let people to their seats. My mom and I found our seats and waited for the show to begin.

Ryan Stevenson was the first of four acts, he came out and the crowd went pretty crazy. I had never heard of him, but he was good enough to open up for the Newsboys, so I was eager to hear what songs he would sing. He sang three songs, one song, “Eye of the Storm” caught my attention, and I downloaded it right after he performed. I was really impressed with the first opening act. OBB was next, they are three brothers from Atlanta Georgia. I’ve heard this band before and was looking forward to hearing them live as well. Pretty much all of the songs they sang, i was impressed with.

The next opening act was “Audio Adrenaline”. Not once in my life had I heard of this band, everyone except for me knew who they were. As soon as they came on stage, the crowd went nuts.The last song they performed a new and upcoming artist went by the name of “Young Noah”. He finished off the opening acts.

And It was all to come after the 15 minute intermission. During the intermission, i decided to purchase a Young Noah/ Audio Adrenaline T-shirt, and buying a t-shirt you get a free cd with the purchase of a shirt. I also purchased a Newsboys “Hero” Song shirt, the song “Hero” is a song from their “Love Riot” album.

I went back to my seat, only to find out i made it just in time for the introduction of the band, it was crazy, fog everywhere, awesome led light show

The wait was all over, it was finally time for Newsboys to come out, i had goosebumps up and down my body, i’ve never been so excited to see someone. When the Newsboys were announced and coming on to the stage, the crowd went absolutely crazy, and not going to lie but so did i. The first song performed by the Newsboys was “We Believe”. That song got the crowd so electrified. I have never been in a room with so many people who feel the same way i do about the Lord.

They played so many song, some from their previous albums, and some from their newest album. And trust me, i knew almost every song, and if i didn’t, i knew it by the end of the night. Every song that i knew, i was definitely singing along, i had my hands lifted praising the Lord.

Towards the end of the concert, the lights were dimmed to the darkest it could go. Everybody wanted an encore of God’s Not Dead. So the band ran back out surprising the crowd. And performed the song everybody was demanding. God’s Not Dead was the last song of the night. The Alder cleared up so fast only because after the concert every band that performed was in the lobby signing autographs and or taking pictures with the fans, but to me those band weren’t as important to me as the Newsboys. I was not going home without a picture or autograph from the band. I waited in line for almost an hour and while i was in line, there was a woman walking around selling the Newsboys new album, so i bought one and the band signed it, the drummer (Duncan) also signed my phone case, and not to mention, i got a selfie with the lead singer of the band Michael Taite. And then that was it for the concert, it was and always will be a night to remember!!!


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