Tempers Flare in Texas By Sean McKittrick

The Texas Rangers and Toronto Blue Jays faced off Sunday, May 15th in a game that would turn ugly. It first happened when (RF) Jose Bautista had a controversial slide into 2nd base (according to the new rules about sliding into bases as in interference with players) in the top of the 8th. (2nd Baseman) Rougned Odor didn’t agree with the slide and shoved Bautista after the play was ¨over¨ and the two got into it before Odor landed a right hook on Bautista, nearly knocking him off his feet. The benches were cleared for several minutes as the two teams had heated discussions, but nothing too serious. The Umpires got everything resolved and the game continued, for a little while. In the bottom of the 8th (1st Baseman) when Prince Fielder was batting when he was, what looked to be, intentionally hit by a pitch delivered by (P) Jesse Chavez and the benches nearly cleared again in the same inning! One thing to take away from this event is, do not mess with texas baseball.bb


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