Benefits of Playing High School Sports


By: Trinity Johnson

September 11, 2016; 11: 09 am

There are so many pressures on the freshman this year. Starting at a new school can be nerve-racking and stressful. Getting involved in a school sport can help with your anxiety from school. You improve your physical and mental health by staying involved in an extracurricular activity, like sports, that can interest you. Soccer, Football, Volleyball, Cross Country, hockey,  Etc. are good sports that keep you in shape for the school year.

Scientists have proven that playing a sport can improve your academic ability because you are constantly making split second decisions, repeating plays, and memorizing plays.  Doing these things can help you in the classroom, since you are doing similar things in the classroom. You must attempt to put effort into your work to be able to succeed.

Teamwork is a big word that involves helping others achieve their goals and your team’s goals. You learn to work hard and play hard to make things better for the whole team and yourself. You can can learn to solve problems with each other. While you may not be a team player other people may be, so be prepared to be involved with a great team.

Playing sports benefits your health, making you make better health choices including drinking more water and eating healthier foods. Sports can help you achieve weight goals also. You may be overweight or underweight when you start a sport, as you play you gain muscle that may or may not add to your weight.

Self-esteem is a very important thing in life. It helps develop who you are during your life. Sports help make you feel like you can do a lot more! It makes you want to achieve a life goal. Self esteem is perfect for helping you in school and around other people. 



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