Davenport North Golf Results


By Jason Ortiz

September 2, 2016; 11:10 am

Davenport North Golf has been doing pretty decent and has been seeing slight improvement from last season. Last season the golfers, through three 9 hole meets, they averaged a score of 178.67 and through one 9 hole meet this season the Wildcat golfers shot a 169 which is already lower than some scores from last season, t. Caleb Farnsworth and Tyler Josund, the seniors of the North varsity golf squad, look to lead the Wildcats this season into some wins, and also see what some of the other golfers have to offer behind them. The new varsity golfers Jason Ortiz and Nick Stroschein have shot really well this season, and keep improving everyday. They look to get their scores taken once again. The other Varsity golfers, Nick Smith and CJ Fisher, have been shooting significantly well. CJ Fisher has had an outstanding year having his score taken in all 4 meets this season and looking for more outstanding scores.

At the Assumption Invite Wednesday (provide date), the Wildcats shot a season low 355 through 18 holes which is a pretty good score and a huge increase from others. In the past meets at the North Scott Invite, the Wildcat golfers shot a 360 which improved from their first 18 hole meet where the wildcats shot a whopping 384. The Wildcats are showing improvement every week and look to improve in their meet next week in Clinton at Valley Oaks Golf Course. There has been talks of a competition for the 5th and 6th spot on varsity. The top 4 scores from the Assumption Invite will not have to fight for a spot but the golfers scores that were not taken have to battle for their spot back on varsity. Looking into the Clinton meet they hope to make a major improvement and hopefully come home with first place and maybe a meet medalist.


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