Incoming New Faces and Advice to Freshmen

By Marcus Blanks

September 2, 2016; 11:00 am

As the 2016/2017 year has just begun, there are many new faces and many of the same faces at North High. The new faces of students are the freshmen, and as all higher grade levels know, freshman year is probably one of the hardest years and at the beginning, one of the most nerve-wracking  and scariest years. Two weeks into the school year, we’re all pretty sure that the lowest and youngest of the grade levels have most likely had some problems already. So as a senior of North High, I decided to go around and to talk to some of the newbies of the school to see how it’s been going for them.

So, I decided to ask a couple of freshman three of the same questions. I talked to three freshmen: Dayah Kirk, Mikki Sisk, and Sierra Ross. Each had interesting answers to the questions. Each person was asked the same questions but each had different interesting answers.

“How has the first couple of days of high school been?”

Dayah Kirk: “It’s kinda scary because I’m nervous.”

Mekki Sisk: “Thumbs up because i finally started high school.”

Sierra Ross: “It’s been okay because some of the people are nice.”

“Do you like it here at North?”

Dayah: “Yes I like it.”

Mekki: “Yeah I like here.”

Sierra: “Not really because the school is kind of small and I don’t like some of the teachers here.”

“What is the thing you like most about the school so far?”

Dayah: “I like the way that the school is set up.”

Mikki: “The sports because I play and they are entertaining.”

Sierra: “The extracurricular things because I think they are better than West and Central and the coaches here care more about your growth.”

As we could see by the answers of the freshmen, most of them like it here at North and like being here. Also, the extra things the school does, as in football and other sports, they also like.

So, after doing these interviews, I thought about the sophomores. They were just freshmen not too long ago, they should be asked about how their freshman year was.  

I got a hold of these two sophomores I knew  and asked them some questions about their experience at North.

I  spoke to  and interviewed two sophomores: Kamryn Liddell and Bria’h Thomas. These two ladies gave some interesting answers. As like the freshmen, I asked both ladies the same questions.

“How was the first year of high school for you?”

Kamryn Liddell’s answer was, “ My first year of highschool here was great!”

Bria’h Thomas had a completely opposite answer. Her answer was, “My first year of high school was bad because I failed one of my classes and I had mandatory lunch(mandatory lunch because of a large amount of tardies).” 

“Did you and do you like it here at North?”

Kamryn Liddell answered, “Yes I like it. It’s not as boring as people think it is.”

Bria’h Thomas answered, “Yes I do(like it), I get to meet new people everyday here.”

“What was the most important thing you learned during your freshman year?”

Kamryn replied, “I learned last year that I’m good at art.”

Bria’h said, “I learned not to goof around so much and to come to class on time and not be late.”

Through these answers you learn that if you show up on time you’ll have a good year at school, and  it’s a good place to be to meet new people. Basically being a freshmen at North may seem bad, nerve wracking and boring, but once you start to get used to it and actually get through the year then  it’s not gonna be as bad as people make it seem to be.


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