The Bix: Run with the Best


Photo taken from Quad City Times.

By: Emily Sparks

September 2, 2016; 10:50 am

“The Bix, run with the best.” This phrase may be a common thing you hear from your local Quad City runners and athletes all summer long. The Bix is the Quad Cities famous seven mile road race which is held every June. This race isn’t just like any other road race you might sign up for; this is an elite race that draws in runners from all over the world, including American Olympians. So when we say let’s “run with the best” we aren’t over exaggerating!

Throughout the summer, the athletes of the Quad Cities are preparing for this race, which contains seven hard miles full of large hills throughout the whole race. While these local athletes are training so are many of your own North High Wildcat runners (including me),  getting ready to represent your high school at the local Bix. To prepare for the Bix people create training schedules, diets, and other things to prepare their bodies for the hardship ahead. What these training programs do is create a specific increase in the runners mileage every week to prepare their bodies for the seven miles they are going to run. By using these programs the runners are using their resources to have the best race possible on the morning of the Bix. One of your unnamed local wildcat runners trains by running four days a week while making saturday’s his long mileage day. By doing this form of training he is preparing his body for both speed and endurance. This way he will be able to not only finish the seven miles but he will be able to do it quickly like a majestic gazelle.

Good eating habits are another important part in race training, to have your body perform like a well oiled engine you need to feed it good oil. Things to eat before a race consist of fruits, vegetables, and plenty of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are good for runners before a race because they give you the energy to attack the race like a lion attacks a gazelle. This means you will be able to run the race in your fastest possible time.

Before these athletes even know it, it is now race day! What happens on race day is different for many people. Some may get up extra early to help prepare them for the race, while others may only get up a half an hour before. On the day of the race there may be many nerves for those who are running, but when you’re lined up to start, and you hear that bang, the nerves have only begun.

Many people’s favorite part of the race is seeing the 10,000 people running up Brady Street hill it really is a cool sight.  During the race there a tons upon tons of people along the course cheering you on, I think this is one of the coolest thing about the Bix is how it’s not only a celebration for the runners but for the whole town. The ending of the race is a victory for those who are winners but also for everyone else who worked so hard to run this race. After the Bix it really is a celebration with food,music, and plenty of people to celebrate with. You can even get your race finisher photo taken by the professionals to document this amazing accomplishment!

Although the Bix is a very difficult race to run it is an amazing race to run. You will be running with olympians, high school athletes, to new runners. For anyone who wants to run the Bix they should just train and come out because it is a really good time. We should all be proud to live in the town that is home to the Bix!


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