Wildcat Varsity Volleyball

By Makayla Smith

September 2, 11:07 am

With the junior class dominating our school’s varsity volleyball roster, the team is hoping to pull out a few wins this season. Last season, the sophomore volleyball team was also the varsity team, along with the help of two juniors, and ended the season 4-19. The wildcats are coached by April Rauch and assisted by Justin Harper, both who are North alumni.

This season the team returns 10 players to the varsity roster. Emily Baenziger joins the squad, transferring from Davenport West, and is now entering her fourth year on a varsity team. Despite losing the first three games this season, the Wildcats have shown much improvement from last year. With the addition of a few new players, the team is running a much faster offense, and improving on skills daily.

“We’re really coming together as a team. Since we’ve been playing for at least over a year together, we’ve all grown very close, not just as a team, but as friends,” Mareena Ray.

The friendships that have developed this year have shown on the court. Team chemistry plays a major role, if the chemistry and communication is not there, the game unravels.

The team also set a few goals for on and off the court this season. Our team set a team GPA goal because we are student-athletes, the team is expected to be in class in order to maintain this goal. Another goal for the team is to win the Camanche tournament, a tournament the team fell short in last season.

Off the court the Wildcats continue to build friendships and push each other to improve in the classroom and in the gym. “This year, we came more together as a team, from developing friendships that’ll last forever, and are all pushing one another to do better, and all that is left is to keep improving,” Katie Platt.


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