Football, football, football!


By: Marcus Blanks

September 19, 11:00 am

(Note: this interview took place before 9.16.2016 and the West game)

As the school year has just began, so has one of America’s most loved sports, Football. Football here at North High School has not been a good thing to see the last couple of years. In 2014, the team went 1-10-0. In 2015, the team did a little better, 2-15-0. That’s the past, though; this year there are new players and a new coach. So the team was thought to do somewhat better. Four weeks into the new season and the team has started out 1-3-0. Not a great start, but the season isn’t over yet.

I sometimes wonder, as many people probably do, how do the players feel about the team? To answer this question, I decided to give some of the players a visit and ask them how they felt.

Being a player on varsity for each year he was in high school, Derek Murray knows how it feels to play on the North High football team. As he is a starter for the team, it is probably difficult for him to play and not come out with the win. Therefore, he was a great player to talk to about this season.

Here is my interview:

Me: “So let’s think about back before this current football season even started: how were you feeling going into the new season?”

“Going into the season, I came into the season with a lot of confidence and certain the team would start out the season undefeated,” Derek stated, “Our practices were very sharp, with high intensity, and we were really putting in work.”

The team expectation from Derek didn’t go as planned. Their first game was against the Hempstead Mustangs in Dubuque, Iowa. The team lost that game 42-20. The second game was against The Muscatine Greyhounds – this was a home game – and the team lost 36-28. At the time that I interviewed Derek, the most recent game was against the Dubuque Senior Rams; we once again lost, 48-7.

Gladly, these losses didn’t put Derek down much.

“So now let’s go ahead and jump forward to today in the present, how are you feeling about how the season has gone and how you guys are working on things?”

“Now that we’re 0-3, we are looking forward to getting our first win against The West Falcons. We are also working on being more aggressive and coming together as a team and putting it all together and getting it right,” Derek said. “ I have 100% faith in the team and what we are capable of. We have a lot of good pieces and we just need to limit the little mistakes that we make during games.”

The student football players have had to have a new experience with the coaching staff this year because they have a new coach, Coach Kruse. Many thought the new coach would be a help to the team and would help turn the team around. So far, he hasn’t shown much, but the Wildcats still have a lot of games left before the end of the season. Some might wonder if the players even like the coach.

You guys have a new coach this year, do you think he knows how to handle this team? Do you like him as your coach?

“Yeah, because he has experience with coaching before us. It’s not the coaching staff for the reason why we lose. It’s the small mistakes we make during the game. I like him because he is really understanding…”

Hopefully the team can turn it around and make this season a one to remember. This week the North Wildcats (1-3), following their win over the West Falcons, go against the Central Blue Devils (2-2).

Addendum: The North Wildcats lost to Central, 31-0



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