Culinary Arts Club

By Cierra Hart

September 27, 2016; 10:25 am

Culinary Arts Club is a club at Davenport North where kids come together to help the homeless. They take time out of their life to make food and put together gift baskets for the people in need. I’ve decided to talk to Ashlynn Hampton, a senior at North High and the one that started this club, at one of their meetings.

Why did you decide to start the club?

Some kids in the Dual Enrollment program are not able to take foods classes so it is a way for them to get into Culinary Arts.

Where do you feed the homeless at?

We serve at Timothy’s House of Hope. They are not all homeless, some of them are just not as fortunate as we are, so we like to go help them.

What else do you do other than feed the people?

We cook after school the second Tuesday of every month. We try to make something different each time. We have 3 rounds of cook-off’s a year where our members split into groups and compete against each other.

If people wanted to join the club, how would they do that?

Come to our meetings on Tuesday’s after school at 3:10 and/or get the information from Ashlynn Hampton, Kayla Cornett, or Mrs.Evans

When did you start the club?

The end of the 2014-15 school year, beginning of the 2015-16 school year.

Who helped you start this club?

When the idea first came about it was just four of us eating lunch together. Darian Franklin was the president at first but because he was in so many other sports and activities I took over.

Has it progressed throughout the year(s)?

A group that had started with four people eating lunch together with Mrs.Evans has turned into 37 members that now have homeless dinners once a month and who loves helping our community. We are just very thankful that so many kids are interested in what we do.

I had a great time interviewing Ashlynn; she’s a wonderful person doing wonderful things helping the people in our community. I think everybody should go check out the Culinary Arts Club.


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