Hoco 2k16 Fashion

hocofas2By: Baleigh Ellis, Emily Sparks

September 27, 2016; 10:28

Homecoming 2k16 held a lot of different fashions. The most popular type of dress for girls seemed to be a two piece dress. For the guys, one specific look wasn’t more popular than another. We saw a lot of suspenders with bow ties, dress shirts with traditional ties, and we also saw vests.

hocofasSeeing all the pictures from this years homecoming – from all the different schools – everyone can definitely come to one conclusion: two piece dresses were the rave of this years homecoming. They started to become popular at last year’s prom. Every other person we saw seemed to be wearing a two piece dress. All different types of them, though. Some were tight two pieces. Others were puffy, and some were long.

There was also a lot of girls wearing dresses that weren’t two pieces. The rave last year seemed to be really tight dresses that had a corset in the back instead of a zipper. There were a few girls that we saw wearing dresses like that this year, but the majority of girls were wearing the new style of dress.

The hair and makeup is never the same, it is always changing. This year, there weren’t any sort of hairstyles more popular than the other. The same goes for makeup. That is the one thing you can count on to be different. For girls going to homecoming is a big deal. Dressing up and doing you hair and makeup for a special occasion is a lot of fun. It definitely sucks when you get to the dance and find out that someone has the same dress as you (maybe multiple people have the same dress as you).

The girls really stress out when it comes to homecoming. We can’t say the same for boys because we wouldn’t know.

For the guy it it was definitely the same as it always is. Dress shirt and tie. Maybe they will spice it up a bit and wear suspenders or a bow tie. What could they really do to change their look though? There isn’t really that much they can do. Guys always look the same because they have very similar outfits that they get to choose from.

Hoco 2k16 was definitely a year for new fashion. The two piece dress took over this year style. The guys stayed the same as usual, and the makeup and hair was beautiful. We can’t wait to see what the next dance has in store for us.


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