Seven Words to Describe Leadership


Photo taken by Trinity Johnson

By: Trinity Johnson

September 27, 2016; 10:45 am

Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps; seven words that explain one word: LEADERSHIP. JROTC is an amazing class that teaches you about leadership, citizenship, and respect for authorities. You learn to become a better leader in JROTC and you do so many unique things that you wouldn’t get to do if you were in just regular high school classes.

In JROTC you don’t just participate in a program and do push-ups all day, you create family with lots of brothers and sisters. You have to work as a team in every single activity. We go to tons of competitions and win tons of trophies every year. We travel to many places, including Camp Dodge National Guard base, Waterloo, Chicago, and Des Moines. We don’t travel in just regular cars, we travel in helicopters, buses, vans,and all kinds of fun transportation

The only way you can get promoted is if you join a drill team. Our drill teams are Armed, Unarmed, IDR, and Shooting team. The armed team is a group of girls and boys that spin rifles and learn rifle drill. Unarmed drill team is a group of “stomp and clappers;” you have to have rhythm if you want to be on this team in order to keep pace. IDR is a drill and marching team. If you are on this team you are one of the best drillers in ROTC. The shooting team has some very good shooters on it, and most of the girls on the team are the best shooters. Nobody knows why.

Being on the Armed drill team is quite hard because you have to spin a 10 pound rifle in your left hand and not having enough muscle to do it for long periods of time becomes tiring. The rifle gives you bruises, and hits you in the face, and you drop it on your toes, etc&. Many people have broken or dislocated their fingers trying to catch them. You become better and it is easier to spin and teach others how to spin once you become acquainted with the pain.

If you join JROTC, you start as a Cadet Private and get promoted as you continue to motivate yourself and your peers. The highest rank is Cadet Captain Russell. He has been in the program for four years now and continues to teach and build the ROTC groups and the current cadets. He teaches the IDR and Armed drill teams on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  He says “ try your best, we all sucked at one time.”

Interested in becoming a leader? Please join ROTC next year!It improves a lot of your skills and it is a lot of fun. You become better at things that you wouldn’t become good at in normal life. You get opportunities to do many things that are so cool. You don’t have to want to be in the military, this is just an awesome class in high school. Although if you want to join the military you will get paid more than people who have just joined the military. You start out as a Private First Class instead of a Private. So when you come into the military you instantly have an advantage over Privates and you are an E-2 which means you have a higher pay grade. This is a life changing opportunity. Don’t miss out!


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