#TBT: Homecoming

By: Sarah Grimesey, Keshun Thach, Trinity Johnson, Alonzo Morales, and Mehgan Wentworth

September 29, 2016; 12:35 pm

Homecoming might be over, but the memory of this fun week is fresh in our minds.  Today, we’ll be posting articles and pictures from last week’s festivities.

Spirit days started off with few participants on “‘Merica Monday,” but by the end of the week, our school was a sea of blue and gold.

2016 HoCo Spirit Days:

  • ‘Merica Monday –> Not many participated in this first day, but those who did had some fabulous American flag outfits.
  • Tie-Dye Tuesday –> (Trinity Johnson)  Tie Dye Tuesday was a pretty colorful day. Everyone dressed up in there best tye dye clothes: tie dye socks, tie dye pants, tie dye bandanas, and all kinds of tie dye things. It was the most colorful day I’ve ever seen. Many people chose either something out of their closet or they chose to create their outfit. It was an amazing thing for the homecoming week. Hope that it will be a choice for next year’s dress up days. 
  • Color War Wednesday–> (Alonzo Morales)The halfway point in the homecoming week. Wednesday’s theme was ‘Color War Wednesday’. Each class was assigned a color to wear on that day and it was basically a school spirit show-off.The Freshmen were assigned the color red. Despite being Freshmen, they did a pretty good job showcasing their color for the color war. Quite a few people were wearing red around the halls.The Sophomores were assigned the color black. There were probably more people participating than you could tell just by looking down the halls. Of the four colors for the color war, black stands out the least because it’s such a casual color, but the Sophomores did a good job wearing their color.The Juniors were assigned the color pink. The Juniors probably did the best as far as participation goes. The color you mainly saw around the school was pink, whether that’s because the Juniors are the best or because they just did the best job at participating, it’s hard to say.The Seniors were assigned the color white. I couldn’t find many Seniors participating or maybe it was just because white, like black, is also a pretty common color that doesn’t really stand out compared to pink or red.Of the four classes, the Juniors really showed up with the sea of pink walking around the school on Wednesday of homecoming week. Overall, we saw pretty good participation from all classes.
  • Superhero Thursday –> People dressed up as superheroes.
  • Blue and Gold Friday –> People wore their school colors.

On Thursday night, we had the traditional Homecoming parade, the announcement of the HoCo King and Queen, as well as the HoCo bonfire.

Homecoming Parade & Bonfire

By Mehgan Wentworth

Left: DeJarvae Williams; Right: Mehgan Wentworth

Every year before homecoming people are lined up with cameras and chairs waiting to see the most eventful night of homecoming; the parade. Kids catch candy that the parade participants throw to them. The parents take pictures of their kids that are in the parade. People unite to have a fun time.

“It was honestly the best parade I’ve ever seen” said a woman next to me in the crowd. There were so many people at the Homecoming parade that they were starting to crowd the streets, so that they could have enough room to sit. The parade was an amazing well planned event that some wish would last forever.

  The bonfire was just as amazing. “It was intriguing to see everyone unite and circle around the burning mascot to celebrate homecoming” said another man in the crowd. Everyone was surrounded the huge flames hoping to beat the school that they were going against the day after.

And finally…this one goes out to our king and queen.

Photo taken by Student Council

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