The Other Side of Homecoming

By Nicholas Guinn

September 29, 2016; 10:31 am

Music, dancing, and laughter filled the night for most of the students at North High School on the night of Saturday, September 24. Everywhere you turned there was somebody dancing and having a blast. Homecoming is a time for fun and getting away from schoolwork for the kids. The dance was a success as there were a lot of students at the dance.

Yet, while homecoming is a night full of fun for the students that attend, what happens with the students that do not go? This question is often a mystery. Although a lot of people do participate in the festivities of Homecoming, what about the people that don’t? What do they do?

Although the night was a success and many students showed up, there is always that group of kids that don’t go. They all have different reasons for not going, but what they do is often unknown.

Will Snowball and Rudy Juarez, juniors, are two students that did not go to the dance. “The dance is not very fun and it’s so hot in the gym. I would rather not stand in the gym for three hours, sweating through all my clothes”, Snowball remarked when asked why he did not go to the dance. When asked what he did instead of going to the dance, Rudy states “I went to a party instead. There are less rules, it isn’t 100 degrees, and the music is so much better”. Alonzo Morales, a writer for The Wildcat Word, says “Homecoming just isn’t for me. I hung out with friends and watched football all night”.

As shown, there are a lot of different views of the dance. There was a lot of fun in the gym on Saturday, but it looks like people found another way to have fun without attending the school event. Either way, Homecoming was very successful and the students that attended had a great time. Go Wildcats!



  1. Cool story! I agree with fuzzsandwich (LOL) would have been cool to have more people’s answers. Also you repeat sentences sometimes…


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