Debate Topics! NATO

NATO Symbol

By: Mehgan Wentworth & Marcus Blanks

October 11, 2016; 10:49 am

 If you have been watching to the presidential debates, then you may have heard about NATO several times in the past few weeks.  NATO means the National Atlantic Treaty Organization. It’s an intergovernmental military alliance that was signed on April 4th, 1949. It helps fight against terrorist attacks, and helps defend us when we’re in a war against another country.

NATO believes in democratic values and cooperation in securing the world’s safety; it also believes in generating trust between nations and averting most conflict. NATO is also devoted to finding resolutions to conflict without battles. If diplomatic efforts do not succeed, NATO has a military (created by the nations in NATO) that can be used for crisis-management.

There are many different opinions on this NATO. Some of the opinions of NATO have made it into the presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Trump thinks that the countries we would help with NATO should have to pay us before we help them.  Being part of NATO is expensive, especially since we support most of the war efforts.  Of course Hillary disagrees with that because it’s not right to the citizens in these countries to have to pay us to help them (because we have a larger military budget than most countries that we help), and it’s also not fair to them since they send troops to help fight.

What do you think?

For further reading on the history of NATO, check out these websites:, Wikipedia on NATO, NATO’s “About” Page


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