Debate Topic! Immigration

By: Trinity Johnson and Baleigh Ellis

October 5, 2016; 1:01 pm

In 2014, according to the Migration Policy Institute, there was an estimated 11.7 million illegal immigrants in the US.  In response to these statistics, throughout 2016, Donald Trump has been discussing closing the Mexican border  to take place when he is elected as president. Both Trump and Clinton agree on new immigration laws, but Donald Trump claims all immigration laws will be enforced and that he will triple the amount of ICE agents.  He claims that he will make Mexico pay for the new wall. Clinton says she is only worried about children coming into the country.  The wall will cost a significant amount coming close to $8-12 billion dollars.

The plans to put up the new wall came about in 2008 when the Consolidated Appropriations Act required DHS to complete construction by December 31, 2008 (US-Mexico Border Fence /Great Wall of Mexico Secure Fence). The new wall will replace the unstable one built in 2008. 

There are many opinions for building a new wall. In an interview with my grandmother, who is for building a new wall, she said, “Illegal immigrants cost US citizens a lot of money. So by putting up the wall it keeps illegal immigrants from coming over. Which means less people needing welfare and less people taking our jobs.” This goes along with the concern about illegal immigrants coming over the US border without any money to live off of.  She also states,“But I also think that the illegal immigrants do the jobs that other people do not want to do. So if they aren’t here to do those jobs businesses will have to pay more money to get different people to do it.”  

An anonymous interviewee  gave their opinion on the topic stating that they agree to disagree on the topic. This person agreed that closing the border could do good but does not think we should because it could also cause problems. “Most of the immigrants are just here for a better life. I know so many people that send a good amount of their checks to their families back home so that they can have a better life also. Americans are mad because ‘Mexicans are taking their jobs,’ but that is only because they are willing to do the jobs that they won’t. An [immigrant might] put over forty hours in as just a janitor at minimum wage and be satisfied because they are making more than they would be making [at their home] . A lot of people take advantage of Mexicans with no papers because there is nothing that they can do about it. You can short [an illegal immigrant]  by a hundred dollars and can they complain? No, because ‘they have no right to.’”   

Will the wall be the solution to illegal immigration? Are the problems worth the money needed to build a wall? This conflict is all a big mess causing people to get angry and hurting the people of Mexican heritage, in particular . If Donald Trump hadn’t brought this topic up, then this wouldn’t be a problem. We are getting angry over a politician that isn’t even fit for being president (<– this is the students’ opinion). 

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