Popeyes Taste Test

Box of Popeyes

By: Baleigh Ellis, Jason Ortiz, Marcus Blanks, and Sarah Grimesey

November 18, 2016; 3:22 pm

Popeyes opened on November 7th and there has been a drive-thru line so long that it backs up into the street ever since. It was talked up so much by so many people that on November 18th the Newspaper class decided to join the hype and do a Popeyes taste test.

Our class got the 16 piece mild “legs and thighs” box, and, needless to say, we all believe the chicken was overrated. Cierra Hart (senior), thought that “It was greasy and wasn’t as good as I thought it would be.” Alonzo Morales (junior) agreed, and added, “I like KFC better.”

Though most of the class was unimpressed, Jason Ortiz (junior), said: “The leg wasn’t all that, but then I tried the thigh and it was magical”.  Mrs. Grimesey chimed in:“I really like the batter.”

Based on our tasting, we have come to the conclusion that Popeyes goodness was over exaggerated. It just wasn’t as good as we thought it was going to be. But don’t take our word for it. Go out and try it for yourself…that is if you’re willing to wait in the line.


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