Thank you, Seniors! Volleyball senior night

Seniors Emily Baenziger, Tiana Wilmington, and Lyndy Holt

By: Makayla Smith

October 20, 2016: 10:24 AM

Monday, October 17th was senior night for the volleyball team. It was also the final game that all three seniors would play here at North High School. The entire day and night was filled with a ton of emotions on and off the court.

The seniors have contributed greatly  to our volleyball team this season, and we will miss them dearly. During the day before the game, the freshman volleyball team provided the seniors with gifts to show how much they mean to us. The sophomores were in charge of decorating the gym and the locker room with posters and streamers for the game.

Before the game, each senior was introduced along with a brief description of their future plans and an educator who has impacted their lives. Emily Baenziger, was a member of our team for one year, and she has also been a member of the school’s softball team. Tiana Wilmington also was a member of the team for one year, and was previously a member of our girls basketball team. Lyndy Holt played volleyball for North all four years, she plays soccer, is on the bowling team, and is involved in several things around the school. All three plan on going to college after high school.

Back in the locker room, our coach had four goals on the board for us to focus on during the game, and the biggest ones were to play for your team, and to have fun. Although the game didn’t result in a win, we went out and had fun one last time this season.

After the game, we had a small celebration in the cafeteria. The parents all chipped in money for this to happen, providing everyone with food and drinks. The junior class presented the seniors with gifts that included a blanket, balloons, and a memory jar. The night was finished off with tons of laughs and a few tears.

Thank you seniors for all of your hard work and dedication.


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