The Clowns

By: Trinity Johnson

November 18, 2016; 11:00 am

As of 2016, there have been hundreds of creepy clown sightings. There are over 40 states that have reported multiple attacks or sightings of clowns. In Georgia, a young girl recorded and posted on snapchat, a clown waving a knife around lurking outside of her apartment.

Yet, not everyone takes these clowns seriously. An anonymous person I interviewed said “These killer clowns are stupid and are causing people to fear something they don’t need to fear. The clowns are just doing this for attention.” I agreed with this because within a month of the attacks and sightings, there were drops in both and people were able to continue their lives without fearing killer clowns.

 As for professional clowns, they are very angry because they work so hard to obtain their reputation and then stupid people go and ruin it for them causing little kids to not want them at their parties anymore. Their businesses rates are dropping and they no longer have jobs to help them pay for things. This is their life and it is ruined.

These clowns have been trying to kidnap little kids and adults. They have been reported and seen trying to lure little kids into the woods with money and candy. I mean what little kid (or adult) doesn’t want money? Only ones that don’t like the sights of creepy clowns. Parents and police were having trouble knowing if their children were just crying wolf or if they really were trying to be lured into the wood by clowns.

These clowns are creating Facebook accounts to try to lure people so they can kidnap them or kill them. They have been known for various accounts under fake names and trying to follow your mutual friends. What they don’t know is that they are under an IP address and that if they are making serious threats the police are able to track them down pretty easily.

Although the attacks and sightings are dropping there still is a chance that you can see one out there and it could be you or someone you know that gets harmed by them… please be.


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