Harambe Tribute

By Dakota Wright

November 18, 2016; 11:30 am

It’s a sad day, today, as we continue to mourn the loss of a 17-year-old silverback gorilla named Harambe.

Harambe was just having a normal day until a three-year-old boy slipped into his enclosed cage on May 28, 2016. This is where the boy would have a 10-minute encounter with Harambe, a 450-pound gorilla. In the encounter, the boy was pulled across the moat of Harambe’s enclosure. Harambe then began looking at the child’s clothes and shielding the child from the humans pointing and shouting at him from outside the zoo cage.  

However, the Cincinnati zoo’s personal did not see Harambe as protecting the child. All they saw was a wild animal dragging a child across a moat. So they took the necessary precaution to protect the child’s life,  or, at least, that’s what the Zoo’s director said in a press conference on Monday, May 30, 2016. In saying this, the Cincinnati Zoo totally backs its decision to shoot and kill Harambe even though popular opinion in America is that the shooting was unnecessary.

Since the gorilla’s shooting in May, Harambe has become an internet sensation. Memes have popped up all over the internet protesting his death, and students at North even mention Harambe during class.

Harambe continues to influence American popular culture, too. In a Dave Chappelle monolog on SNL’s November 12, 2016 show,  he made a joke referencing Harambe saying, “You can’t even go to the (expletive) zoo without seeing a shooting nowadays.”

Just recently in the presidential election some people even wrote in their hero Harambe as their presidential vote (though, early reports that 11,000 people voted for Harambe are untrue; still many people reported on social media that they voted for him).

Today thousands of people are still mourning the loss of Harambe. Harambe was a popular exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo; he brought people from all around to come and learn. The loss of Harambe will forever be remembered, as it is still a trend on social media today.

A Lamentation for Harambe

By a Harambe mourner

There once was a gorilla named Harambe,

      Who didn’t have too much to say.

      He scared a poor child

      Even though he was mild,

      So the zookeepers made him go away.

Oh what will we do without Harambe,

     We wish we could make his spirit stay

     On this earth with us,

     Because in Harambe we trust.

     Oh, why did they make him go away?



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