Hunger Drive: better and more fun than years past

By: Alonzo Morales

November 16, 2016; 10:58 am

This year’s Hunger Drive has come and gone here at North. Yet, it was a major success, in part due to the multiple activities students participated in to collect cans and raise money for the drive.  

Miss Heneghan’s Second Block

During the Hunger Drive there are multiple activities that go on around the school to bring in food and money for the cause.

There is the Second Block Challenge where everybody’s second block competes to see which class can bring in the most food. Shout out to Ms. Heneghan’s second block for bringing in the most and winning it this year.

There is also “Stop the Bop,” where an annoying song is played on the intercom during passing time and it’s played every day until the goal amount of money is raised for the Hunger Drive.

This year’s bop was “It’s A Small World After All” and the goal was $200.  After a week of listening to that annoying song, we raised the money we needed.

In addition to all of these events, you could also participate in the dodgeball and volleyball tournaments. This year, the staff team – “Staff Infection” – won the volleyball tournament.  Tyler Josund, Bryce Pairrett, Jared Beck, Carson Huston, Caleb Farnsworth, and Austin Mangler won the dodgeball tournament.

Tyler Josund, Bryce Pairrett, Jared Beck, Carson Huston, Caleb Farnsworth, Austin Mangler

I spoke with Junior Class President, Kelsi Massengale about this year’s goals for the Hunger Drive.  Here are are few of her thoughts:

“One of our goals is to raise more pounds of food than last year, which was just under 11,000. But our biggest goal is to just involve the school and community as much as possible”.

When it came to improvements from last year to this year, she told me Fun Night was a big focal point. “We did it last year, but there wasn’t a big turnout. So we’re publicizing it more and involving the community”.

When it comes to helping out Kelsi says “bringing cans and donating to stop the bop are huge.”.

All support was welcomed. Food donated goes to the Riverbend food bank and then to places like the Mobile Food Pantry. All goes towards those who struggle to provide food for their families.

Though the Hunger Drive is over, we are excited about the improvements made this year.  We hope that next year’s Hunger Drive is able to create even more opportunities for the community to participate.


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  1. I love this article!! Thanks for mentioning my 2nd block class. We were so excited to win as it was my first Hunger Drive victory ever!


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