North welcomes Bill Clinton

By: Marcus Blanks

November 18; 11:30 a.m.

Editor’s Note: This article was written before the election on November 8; however, it was edited and finalized on November 18.  Some information will be outdated.

As the presidential campaigns came to an end, Hillary Clinton needed to get more supporters to get on her side. With the help of her husband, Bill Clinton, she attempted to do exactly that. Traveling from state to state, city to city, Hillary could not do it by herself and needed the help. So Bill Clinton came to Davenport, Iowa and gave a speech on why Hillary was a better candidate than Trump.

While the President Clinton visit to Davenport was one to be excited for, it was even more exciting for North students as he was coming to their school to give the speech.  As the time for Clinton to speak approached, the North gym had filled with more and more people every time you checked. Before Clinton had gotten on stage the gym looked as if it was overflowing. Finally, Clinton came out and talked to us about what Hillary was gonna do and why we need her as our next president.

Just a few minutes into his speech, Clinton was rudely interrupted by a member of the audience with the words “Clinton is a rapist!”. The lady was escorted out along with a man that had started pushing and using derogatory words toward Clinton. The crowd “booed” the two, but respectfully Clinton asked for the crowd to not “boo” because these individuals should be given their right to the “freedom 0f speech.” After the two were escorted out he went on about how Hillary should be our president and talked about a girl he knew that had grown up in a terrible way and needed the types of government supports Hillary would supply.

Once it ended Clinton quickly went out the back and I did not get a chance to see him again.


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