Paranormal activity

By: Mehgan Wentworth

November 10, 2016; 11:15 am

“Diabolical forces are formidable. These forces are external, and they exist today. The fairytale is true. The devil exists. God exists. And for us, the people, our very destiny hinges upon which we elect to follow.” Ed Warren, famous paranormal investigator, as stated on the Ed and Lorraine Warren website.

Almost everyone has heard of the movie The Conjuring (2013, Warner Brothers), but not everyone knows that it is based on actual events that happened with the Perron family and investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren. In fact, the Warren’s have a museum dedicated to similar stories and “haunted” objects they have found during their time hunting paranormal activity in America. Their museum in Monroe, Connecticut, called The Occult Museum, houses many famous objects taken from haunted homes and houses where exorcisms have taken place.

Clearly there are many stories similar to the story of what the Perron family went through. It’s up to you to decide if you believe in these stories or not. As for me and my dad, we believe, partly because of the Villisca House.

The Villisca House is famous for the events that have occurred in it, and what is happening now after “the event.” On June 9th, 1912, the entire Moore family was butchered with an axe. There was a total of eight bodies found on June 10th, 1912. The police, during investigation, believed that the murderer may have been living in the the attic. They never caught the murderer(s), and the case is still unsolved.

The house is now open as a haunted attraction. People claim to hear footsteps, screams, dragging, and talking. There have been hundreds of people who have gone into the house to investigate to see if it’s true or not. My dad was one of those people who stayed there and caught a few things on tape.

I interviewed my dad about his experience. This is what he said: “At the Villisca House I experienced emotional distress going from room to room. When you were in the house you could feel the sadness and fear in the atmosphere. I caught some EVP’s (EVP’s are Electronic Voice Phenomenon). I also took some pictures, but I never really looked through them”.

Another haunted story important to my family is The Black Angel of Death ( Located in Iowa City’s Oakland Cemetery), famous for being a cursed grave marker. The angel is 9 ft. tall. People say it’s cursed because it looks like the Ghost of Christmas; its head is drooped, and the wings are black. The curse is that if you kiss the angel you will drop dead, or if the angel is destroyed, the destroyer will die a terrible death. Apparently, the angel also turns a shade darker on Halloween to represent how many people it has killed.
My dad also went to visit this “Haunted site”. He just said that nothing really happened there, he just felt compelled to kiss the angel.

I have some stories of my own. This one is kind of a crazy story, but here it is. When I was eight or nine, my mom, mom’s boyfriend, my sister, my brother, and I lived in a small white house on Osteopathy St. in Kirksville Missouri. My room was being worked on because it had mold growing on the ceiling so I had to sleep in the living room for a while. There was this one particular night when I was just really hot and could not sleep. So I kicked my blanket off to the end of the couch. I remember waking up to the feeling of being extremely cold so I sat up and grabbed my blanket and covered myself. As I was sitting up I took a look at the end of my feet. There was a guy sitting there. At first, I thought it was just my mom’s boyfriend playing a prank on me or something until I remembered he didn’t have spiky hair. The guy sitting down at my feet did. So I got really scared but laid down and covered my face. I uncovered my head and still saw the guy sitting there, so being a kid I tried it again. Still, the guy was there except this time he slowly turned his head toward me. He had glowing blood red eyes.

I screamed for what seemed like hours till someone eventually came out. My mom’s boyfriend turned on the light and there was nothing there, of course. I don’t really know what it was, but to this day I am petrified just thinking of that house.

Have you ever had a paranormal encounter? Were you skeptical before your experience? Share your story in the comment section below.


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