Peter Pan this weekend!

By: Marianna Carter (Newspaper Staff)

December 9, 2016; 7:58 am

PeterPan.PNGAs December comes to a close, the Drama Department prepares for their children’s play, Peter Pan. The cast has been working long hours to memorize and practice this exceptional play for all viewers.

While many students think of the Disney movie when hearing the words Peter Pan, our phenomenal Drama department is putting on the original version by James Matthew Barrie. While the Disney version is more free spirited and outgoing, this play has a deeper meaning. This play is a wonderful reminder to enjoy your childhood while it lasts.

Not only has this show been a reminder of our childhood, but our cast has also enjoyed working on this play. When asked about the play, one cast member, ninth-grader Shelby Fick who plays Liza, stated, “Peter Pan has given me the opportunity to meet new people, learn more about others, and it’s helped me with performing.”

Student director Nik LaMaack added, “Being a senior who is the student director, I couldn’t ask for a better cast or show for my last year. As Peter says, ‘I want to always be a little boy and to have fun.’ I feel like everybody needs to live by that statement and never forget what it was like to be a kid. Especially you, class of 2017. Love you guys.”

As you can see, this play has brought these wonderful North students together to achieve great things. You can come check it out on December 11th at 2pm and December 12th at 2pm. Hope to see you there!


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