College Football Playoffs

By: Alonzo Morales

Written December 8, 2016; Edited January 5, 2017

The final College Football Playoff rankings have been revealed and we now know who will be competing for a national championship.

The big question was who would be ranked #4 in the final rankings once the conference championships had been played out (back before Christmas). After Washington beat Colorado by 31 points in the Pac-12 championship (on Dec. 2), they earned the spot from the committee over a red hot Penn State team coming back from being down 21 points to beat Wisconsin in the Big Ten championship.

Pac-12 Champion #4 Washington punched their ticket to the playoff and earned a dance with SEC Champion, the undefeated #1 seed, Alabama.  The teams faced off in the Peach Bowl. Unfortunately, Washington couldn’t hold Alabama back; the Crimson Tide swept Washington right out of the water with a 24-7 win. 

On the other side of the playoff, ACC Champion #2 Clemson will play #3 Ohio State. Ohio State entered the finals being the only team of the final four who didn’t win it’s conference’s championship, or even it’s division. Clemson soundly proved that Ohio State needs to earn its place in the rankings, beating Ohio State 31-0. 

We look forward to the National Championship game on January 9.  Both Alabama and Clemson have outstanding stats going into this final game (Clemson has ended the season 13-1; Alabama remains unbeaten), so it looks like a good game.



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