#TBT – Dancing With the Stars

By Makayla Smith

December 1, 2016


Davenport North Girls Soccer Team (Photo taken by Girls Soccer team)

On November 20, North held the 5th annual Dancing with the Stars fundraiser. The event is organized by Shelly Ortega, and it takes months of preparation to put on this production. DWTS is put on to help raise money for our sports teams.

There were several teams that came out to raise some money. Each team had a specific dance that they performed in front of the audience and a panel of judges. The judges consisted of Mrs. Bosco, Mrs. Williams, Mr. Jones, and Mr. Jousand.

In the mix of all of the dancing, Shelly brought in a special guest, his name is Kale Hyder. A video was shown to let everyone know about Kale’s remarkable journey on recovering from a rare disease called transverse myelitis. Because the disease attacked his spinal chord, it shut off signals to his brain. Kale fell into paralysis in June 2015. To this day Kale is still on the road to recovery by learning how to regain function and get back to doing everyday activities, and hopefully one day Kale will be able to  get back on the basketball court.

After everyone is done dancing, the voting begins. Boxes are lined up on the stage and people cast their votes by putting in money for the team they want to win. This year the Girls Soccer Team won for the second year in a row. The judges also make their choice on who has the best, funniest, or most creative dance, and they chose the Baseball team and their take on Frozen’s “Let it Go.”

Hopefully, DWTS will be back in action next year, so mark your calendars for the Sunday before Thanksgiving.


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