Did you miss the Messiah?

By Bradley Danielson

Written December 12, 2016; edited January 5, 2017

Messiah Concert and Choir News

On December 6, 2016, Central, West, Mid City, and North High Schools gathered together for the 65th annual holiday concert at the Adler theater.  This year students sang and played pieces from Handel’s Messiah.  

Watch the video:

One of the few things people may know about this concert is the time and hours students and teachers put into preparing for it. From the beginning of second quarter, students worked to memorize and understand the music necessary for the concert.  Furthermore, one of the Davenport teacher directors this year was North’s own Mr. Riewerts who conducted the first two songs of the inter-city concert, and all students put in many hours of rehearsals attempting to perfect each song he lead.


As you can see in the picture, we worked hard to put this music together. (On the right is Mrs. Valle one of the two North Choir directors and a second year teacher at North.)

For those readers not familiar with North Choir, we have three main choirs and an after school choir known as Chamber. At the beginning of the year, we focused on the competitive All-State and Opus programs, both programs which require that you audition to get in.  When we aren’t competing or working in a district wide concert, we have several blocks of choir classes.  First block is known as “Varsity” and we, along with the other two choirs – Concert Chorale and Singers – work very hard, even to the point that we sometimes struggle to breath! It may be hard for us, but we keep pushing and pushing, giving it our all for a one night event.   

And the hard work pays off.  If you have time, check out Davenport School District’s video of us singing the “Hallelujah Choir.” 


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