#TBT! Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The Uglier, The Better

By: Emily Sparks

Written December 9, 2016; Edited January 5, 2017

christmassweaterWhat is it about ugly sweaters in December that makes people so excited?

Is it the Christmas theme?

The parties that come after the purchase of an ugly Christmas sweater?

Maybe it’s being a part of something festive with your friends and family?

Although the answer might be “all of the above,”  ugly Christmas sweaters are something people can find mutual love for as they reappear every year in December.

What exactly is an ugly Christmas sweater? Well, an ugly Christmas sweater can range from a sweater based on a common Christmas theme that is viewed as “old” people clothing (ladies and gentleman, view your grandma’s closet for examples), or a reindeer sweater that someone would say is “gaudy” and outright unappealing to the eyes (imagine seeing Rudolf with a 3D tail and googly eyes on your sweater). Whatever your taste in ugly clothing is, and whatever image you have in your head, you can find a sweater that you will look fantastically horrible in.

Now where do you wear these sweaters, you ask? Ugly Christmas sweater parties of course!

For many people ugly sweater parties have become one of their annual holiday festivities. These parties can consist of cookies, food, games,  and the ultimate competition of who’s is the ugliest (go ugly, or go home). Some people may do these as work events, or just casual parties with friends or even family. If you want to attend one but don’t know of one being thrown, host your own ugly sweater party (and if there are sugar cookies, I’ll attend). It is simple and easy hang to host; just make some holiday treats or make it potluck, either way, an ugly sweater is a must! (no sweater, no entry).

Where can I buy an ugly Christmas sweater, you might be asking? This is a very important question and I’m glad you asked. There are many places where and ways that you can find.

Let’s think money smart first; try relatives and people you know. Ask grandma if she has any ugly sweaters laying around (or in her terms, “cute” holiday sweaters) that you could borrow for a night, or maybe even a friend who you know who has attended a party in the past and has worn one.

christmassweater2If you strike out with the people you know you are able to find a wide selection of Christmas sweaters at your local Goodwill in the months of November and December, or you can make a trip out to the wonderful shopping mall where Ragstock carries a large variety, too. But let me tell you a secret: If you are into DIY, you can make your own sweater easily! This way you can make it as “gaudy,” ugly, and obnoxious as you want! (genius, I know).

Now, no matter how you get your sweater make sure it is ugly and full of Christmas spirit!

Have a wonderful, ugly sweater filled, cookie eating, hot cocoa loving holiday! May it be very ugly and bright!



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