Dance to Save Lives

By: Jacob Hansen

January 25, 2017

On Friday, January 20th, the DNHS JOI Club (Junior Optimist International) hosted  their annual Dance Marathon. Dance Marathon is a fundraiser for the Iowa Children’s Hospital. It was a fun-filled evening with food, games, and (of course) dancing!

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Dance Marathon isn’t like any normal dance. You can create your own team or join a team to raise money together (it is best to create or join a team at the donor drive: or you can dance and raise money solo. Nobody will be allowed to sit during Dance Marathon, so be prepared to dance and play games all night!

The official date of the event was Friday, January 20th, scheduled for after the North vs. West basketball game (8:30-11:00pm). It was held in the small gym and the entrance fee was $10 at the door. It was is also possible to register online ahead of time at the donor drive (see link above for the donor drive). You could bring a guest from schools other than North, but you needed to get them approved ahead of time just like any other dance. You can pick up a form in the activities office to get a guest approved.

Each year the JOI Club has a goal for raising money. According to Dance Marathon head chairperson Marissa Robertson, this year’s fundraising goal was $5,000. There were games, prizes, a “jail,” and food at the event that you could buy in order to raise extra money.  If you are unfamiliar with what the jail is, it is a “cage” made out of streamers that you can pay to put someone in during the dance; for each dollar you spend, you add a minute of time that someone must spend in jail. The person you choose will either have to stand in the cage for 10 minutes or pay to bail him/herself out. Whoever raises the most money at the event will also receive a grand prize. Last year the winner brought in $600!

This year, we only raised $2,000, but we have high hopes for next year. We are happy to help families in our area pay for their children’s medical expenses.

If you want to help raise money for Dance Marathon, but can’t make the event, you can still help. The JOI Club will be doing many fundraisers like T-Shirt sales. Keep an eye out for postings from the JOI Club to find out more about these fundraisers. I was happy to attend the Dance Marathon and I hope more people attend next year!


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