Get to Know Your Teachers: Mr. Knapper

By Anna Sturmer

December 2016knapper

Get to Know Your Teacher: Mr. Knapper

Mr. Knapper has a ballroom dancing RTI, but have you ever wondered what else he does outside of school? As a TAG teacher, he has the opportunity to do a variety of things on any given day. So, I interviewed him to find out what Mr. Knapper does outside of school.

Question: What fun things do you like to do in your spare time?

Answer: I like to read when I have time. Fiction and nonfiction are both interesting, just depends on the book. I also enjoy ballroom dancing with my wife. There are many other things try to fit in but often run short of time.

Question:Do you have any hobbies?

Answer: The closest thing I have to a hobby is some light computer programming.

Question:Have you ever traveled out of the country, if so where?

Answer:  The only “international” travel was to Vancouver in Canada for one day when I was going on an Alaskan cruise.

Question:Did you do anything before you were a teacher, if so what did you do?

Answer: I had a very eclectic career before teaching. I worked selling life insurance, and also as an insurance underwriter. Selling computers was my next big break so to speak. It lead into doing computer support for quite a while.

Question: What do you do during summer vacation?

Answer: A lot of time is spent trying to learn new things for school as well as getting done all the things around the house I have been putting off during the school year.

Question: Is there any story or thing you want students to know about you?

Answer:I can be rather unfocused. I have to work diligently to make sure I get things done. If I am not careful I will start 15-20 things and then not finish them and start 10-15 more.



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