What makes students fall asleep in school?

By Nicholas Guinn (edited by Athena Phommivong)

The next time you’re in class, whether you are a student or teacher, look around and you will probably see a student with their head down on their desk catching some Z’s. It isn’t unusual for students to sleep in class and there are many reasons why.  A general lack of sleep and motivation to do well in school, coupled with subjects that are not entirely interesting and teachers who do not hold our attention, are just a few of the reasons why students decide to sleep in class.

One of the main reasons students fall asleep in class is because they do not get enough sleep at night. A combination of going to bed too late and early start times for school makes it hard for teenagers to get enough sleep to function, so can you blame them for napping? With school, homework, extracurricular activities, and trying to have a good social life with family and friends, it can be pretty difficult to get eight hours of sleep before waking up at seven in order to make it to school on time.  Have you seen the “Triangle of College” meme?   In short, high school life, like college life, requires you to choose between social life, sleep, and school work.

Taken from College Memes

Unfortunately, you can only have two sides of the triangle at any given time, so sometimes students try to make up for this by sleeping in class.

Another big reason for students sleeping in class is the way teachers present information in class. No offense to you teachers, I mean, we appreciate you, but you can be boring. The way that classes are taught nowadays – notes, assignment, quiz, feedback, test, repeat – is not exactly the most exciting way to do things. Students like to do fun activities with their friends while learning about the subject. Now, I know it’s kind of hard to find an activity to do that relates to Pre-Calculus, but switching up the way things are taught and using different activities in class will help with keeping students awake. When giving students notes or assignments, teachers should try to make them a little more interesting or fun, such as ending a lecture with a competitive game like Kahoot to practice what you know. Switching it up will keep us engaged.

Last, one of the biggest issues with falling asleep in class is that many students are not motivated to do well in school. To some students, they just don’t care what grades they get. It’s actually a big problem today, kids just don’t care. A little motivation, which might come in the form of rewards can go a long way and might push the students to try in class. Getting parents involved and having more personal relationships with teachers can also help give the students a good reason to try harder.

Education is hugely important to a student’s ability to become independent, and yet, today, students aren’t getting the most out of it. The importance of education is lost on students who are sleeping in class, and there are things that we can do to keep students awake during school hours. Later start times, competitive or fun activities, and more motivation and push might keep students’ heads off their desks.

Now, let’s just hope that you didn’t fall asleep while reading this article…



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