Truth about Marilyn Monroe

By: Deziray Lawson

Marilyn Monroe is in the news again.  Back in November, the dress Marilyn Monroe wore when she sang “Happy Birthday” to president John F. Kennedy just set a world record.  It sold at an auction for $4.8 million. That’s more than she ever made as an  actress during her career.

Yet, while Marilyn Monroe (or Norma Jean Mortensen, as was her original name) is constantly in the news, I want to know if people actually know about Marilyn Monroe and what her life was really like.  I want to know what they think her personality might have been like around people.

Here is what I know.

When Marilyn Monroe was 16 years old, she had her first marriage. And I bet people were kind of surprised about her getting married at such a young age because that was still pretty young at that time to get married.  But her marriage didn’t last very long.  A lot of males liked her, and really wanted to be with her, because they thought she was really beautiful.  She end up dating or marrying them if they had good money and a job or was a good person to her and treated her right.

Yet, she also took pills because she had mental issues.  Her mother had schizophrenia, and in the biopic about her life, “The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe,” they imply that she heard voices in her head, too. In the book Fragments, which is a collection of Marilyn Monroe’s writings, she struggled with her mental health all the time.  We still don’t know whether she meant to commit suicide.  

So what do you know about Marilyn Monroe?  Do you see her as just a beauty icon or do you know about her mental health?  Share your knowledge in the comments below.



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